Announcement 1:

* Final Examination Result for Session 1 2014/2015 will be sent through email to all students (applicable for Degree, Master (Coursework) and PhD (Coursework) only) on 13th FEBRUARY 2015. The Final Examination Result can also be accessed through Student Portal beginning 9.00 am 13th FEBRUARY 2015.

* Examination result will be sent to your registered email account in Student Portal and ISISWA email account. Hence, do update your latest handphone number and email address before before 13th FEBRUARY 2015 through Student Portal. It is advisable not to use Hotmail as your registered email account.

* Do you want to see your Examination Result for current semester (Session 1 2014/2015) now?

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Announcement 2:

* Course Registration for Supplementary Examination - Session 1 2014/2015 will be OPENED on 16 until 18 February 2015 (applicable for Degree student only).

Please login and click "eAcademic System Course Registration for Supplementary Examination" menu to apply.