Please note that there are changes to the existing December 2013 Examinations Time Table as follows:
1) SPB421                30/12/2013(Monday)/Morning
2) ATH435                12/01/2014(Sunday)/Afternoon
3) LAW631                04/01/2014(Saturday)/Morning
4) LAW681                04/01/2014(Saturday)/Afternoon
5) LAW633                05/01/2014(Sunday)/Morning
6) LAW636                05/01/2014(Sunday)/Afternoon
7) LAW683                11/01/2014(Saturday)/Morning
8) LAW634                11/01/2014(Saturday)/Afternoon
9) LAW684                12/01/2014(Sunday)/Morning
10) LAW635               12/01/2014(Sunday)/Afternoon
11) LAW637               18/01/2014(Saturday)/Morning
12) LAW685               18/01/2014(Saturday)/Morning
13) LAW686               19/01/2014(Sunday)/Morning

i)                    All information exhibited here is valid as of 17 December 2013.

ii)                   Please check the Examination Time Table that relates to your registered courses which have final examinations only.

iii)                 Please contact your Faculty if you have any query.