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Vice Chancellor's Message

Esteemed Colleagues and Friends of UiTM,

Vice Chancellor

UiTM has been enriched by the commitment and dedication of many people, be it the academia, the administrative, the support staff, and even the University’s Board of Directors. And, now, it is ready to assume an even greater leadership role in national education and research. The well-deserved reputation of UiTM as a premier educational institution provides a solid foundation for the future. Working together, we can make UiTM an outstanding example of hope, opportunity, and knowledge for all.

I am honoured and delighted to have been chosen to lead UiTM, and I deeply cherish the thought of returning to contribute to higher education, in the University I so love.

In my view, the UiTM insignia stands for the core of institutional excellence; a global, unique, and competitive university; high-quality education and research; the maturity of an institution of higher learning; and leadership beyond the boundaries of our University. We have all the facilities, services, and policies that produce a positive climate for learning and growth and these must be further strengthened. To increase effectiveness, we will review and streamline the university functions. Studying the wisdom of the past and discovering new understandings in the disciplines as well as ground-breaking research, would expand our own knowledge and would enable us to engage disciplinary communities beyond the University.

We must be a part of our nation’s economic development and growth as well as engage in its rich civic and cultural activities. We must always remain open and be willing to collaborate with those who are committed to excellence in education, to other research groups nationally and internationally, and to institutions committed to addressing crucial economic, social, and environmental issues. Implicit in our vision as a unique institution is the promise that here at UiTM, every individual can reach his or her full potential and make invaluable contribution to the University and to society. UiTM needs all of us, every faculty, staff and student to work towards our goals, to suggest better ways of achieving them, and to help build a unique learning community.

I urge all alumni, faculty, administrative and support staff, students, Board members, and friends of UiTM, to join me in this exciting endeavour. This University will grow, and we can turn this fertile ground into a university of high value, a fount that exudes vital knowledge, so critically needed for the well-being of our society.

Dato' Prof. Ir Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar, FASc
Vice Chancellor,
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)


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